Reclaimed, Repurposed furniture designer Thomas Bina at Bliss 101

Thoughtfully designed and consciously created, Bina will change the way you think about home furnishings and lucky for you we carry lots of Bina and Four Hands at Bliss, including this bed headboard and frame!

Created by renowned eco-conscious furniture designer of 16 years, Thomas Bina, the namesake brand employs Old World, hand-crafted techniques using solid, reclaimed South American hardwoods, black walnut, ironwood, brass and blackened steel. From the collage of patinas (a result of the various species of wood used) to the steel and hardware, the collection is abundant with a sense of history and timelessness. Because every piece is crafted by hand, no two pieces are exactly alike.

Bina dining tables, dressers and nightstands are all the result of refashioned, reclaimed materials, including telephone poles, old barns and demolished buildings (which can be 1,000 years old). In certain cases, Bina takes reclaimed woods and combines these pieces with new American hardwood to lend the results a range of colors and dimensions.

Bina doesn’t stop at wood; couches made from recycled and repurposed canvas taken from original army and truck tarps are another item that certainly come with a compelling story. Whatever the project, Thomas Bina has a knack for beautiful yet discarded objects, favoring them to anything he could purchase new off the shelf.

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