Bliss 101 Team: Kerri Jones

Self-taught jewelry designer, Kerri Jones, grew up in Del Mar. As a teenager, days were spent at the beach dreaming of fashion. A career in the industry resulted from these beachside daydreams, and Kerri built her career working as a fashion retail merchandiser, photo stylist and manager for over 10 years. Kerri eventually decided to stay home to start a family, but it wasn’t long (and only natural) before fashion and business started to work their way back into her life. At the time that her children began attending elementary school, TenThings Jewelry was born.  A collection of handmade, bohemian jewelry and clothing inspired by the Southern California coastal lifestyle, TenThings Jewelry is now proudly sold at boutiques from coast to coast, including Bliss 101 in Encinitas.

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As a wife and mother of two teenagers and and an assortment animals, Kerri still spends weekends at the beach, and her blissful days continue to be spent dreaming of fashion, practicing yoga, eating vegetarian burritos and creating pretty things.

Tenthings Leather Boho Skull Wrap Bracelet

Colorful Ocean Artist Spencer Reynolds at Bliss 101

Brookings, Oregon is a small, coastal town that may not be at the top of every avid traveler’s must-see list, but to artist Spencer Reynolds, this area is the perfect setting to live and paint on a full time basis. From a young age, Reynold’s parents encouraged him to both paint and surf, setting the stage for what would become works of art with a noticeably Pacific Northwest and ocean-bound feel. Reynold’s original oil paintings were done on 95% recycled wood, and at first sight, appreciative viewers can immediately tell that that the man behind the marking is one seriously avid surfer. Reynolds has also said he tends toward using stunningly bright colors (certainly noticeable in nearly all of his works), as these colors serve to counteract Oregon’s rugged terrain, laden with clouds, rainfall and chilly water and air temperatures.  Originals and Giclee’s of Spender Reynold’s unique works are now on display at Bliss 101.